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EU to Offer Iran Nuclear Reactor

It is revealed today that, among the ‘sweeteners’ the EU spoke of Sunday while contemplating their next offer to Iran, The EU3 to offer Iran a European light-water nuclear reactor in exchange for the cessation of Iranian enrichment programs, including uranium, plutonium, centrifuge and laser enrichment research and operation. The approach has won the explicit support of China.

Iran, however, has already refused any and all future attempts to barter its enrichment program, as Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Hamid-Reza Assefi reminded that “Iran’s decision to pursue this internationally acknowledged right is definite and irreversible.” If the world doubts this will apply to the current EU3 offer, his words were preceded by a clarifying remark specifically addressing the expected EU attempt. “For three years of intensive talks with the EU, Iran has numerously clarified its will to produce nuclear fuel for peaceful purposes,” Assefi said. Among those peaceful purposes worthy of the international conflict that currently embroils Iran, the EU, the United States and the UN Security Council, is the development of medical isotopes that, like nuclear power plant fuel, are also attainable from outside sources.

Simply put, Iran’s enrichment program and facilities are not for sale. There is no price tag associated with them.

Friday will be the official end of the Iranian ‘peaceful nuclear technology’ charade. Offered Iran are power plants and the fuel to run them, which is Iran’s primary stated objective. Also in the package will be a series of obscenely favorable trade incentives for a nation with a stumbling, struggling economy. After this latest attempt from the EU3 is officially rejected in proper form, any doubt about Iran’s intentions will be removed.

This definitive rejection is precisely what the EU3 and the United States fully expects. It will set the stage for Chapter 7 sanction proposals at the UN and buttress the West’s position that Iran is not seeking nuclear power but nuclear arms. This, however, does not mean that the UN will be spurned into action. That may be fully a year’s worth of troubling developments away, if achievable at all.

Meanwhile, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei laid into the world media over coverage of the Iranian nuclear crisis. Khamenei ranted, “Today the world media empire sees it as expedient to say Iran is seeking nuclear weapons, while the propagators know it is a lie. Today the world media is totally monopolized by the ones who own the largest weapon factories and the most destructive atomic bombs.” But it has been Iran’s own recalcitrance and overt threats that have dictated the tone of the crisis and the coverage that has ensued. Threatening that Israel should be ‘wiped off the map’ and following that with statements that it is not only achievable but imminent does little to bolster the Iranian cause if that cause is, in fact, peaceful nuclear power.

So, while Vladimir Putin and Tony Blair discuss Iran at the Kremlin, the price of crude oil continues to rise, buoyed by the bellicose words of the Iranian regime, whether from Khamenei, Assefi or Ahmadinejad.

And while Iran continues to press their ‘peaceful nuclear power’ intentions, they also continue to deny that they will use oil as a weapon. Yet, their nearly exclusive influence on the rise in oil futures – and thus the multiple-fold increase in their income via their chief export – continues to provide the needed windfall to fuel their nuclear research amid a flailing economy.

Oil is a weapon, and it is wielded daily in pursuit of Iran’s coming nuclear arsenal. It cannot be trumped by offers of nuclear reactors or favorable trade, for Iran is enjoying the most favorable trade possible: Governance over the asking price of their only real export.

Europe cannot replace $70 per barrel. They know it. America knows it. The UN & the IAEA know it. And, of course, Iran knows it.


At some point, sticking with "jaw-jaw" becomes gross irresponsibility. I think that we are rapidly approaching that point vis-a-vis Iran.

Maybe it is time to start helping Shell with its oil-shale project. Last September, it was reported that Shell had a process that was viable at $30 a barrel. Just the news that this process is going forward would knock the prices down.