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The Teufelhunden of the 3/6

CAMP AL QAIM, IRAQ: Walk into the battalion headquarters of the 3rd Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment at Camp Al Qaim, and three things will immediately catch your eye. The first is the tribute to the Marines of the 3/6 killed in Iraq. The memorial consists of rifle bayonet-point into the ground, a Marines’ helmet resting on the butt stock, a pair of boots, and the dog tags of five of the members of 3/6 killed in Iraq. The second is unit crest of the 3/6, with the cryptic word “Teufelhunden” inscribed. This is the name the Germans gave the battalion during the battle of Belleau Woods in World War I. Teufelhunden literally means Devil Dogs, which the Marines earned with their ferocity in battle. The third item of note is an inscription taken from a C-ration box by an anonymous Marine at the battle of Khe Sahn in1968, which states “For those who fight for it, life has a flavor the protected never know.”

History is ever present in the Marine Corps, and this is reflected in the Al Qaim region. The “chow hall”, which is famed to be the best in Iraq, is called Winchester Hall, after a Marine killed in combat in Iraq. So is Camp Gannon in Husaybah. Battle Position Hue City honors a battle from the Vietnam War; Battle Position Tarawa is from World War II; Battle Position Beirut honors the Marines lost in the suicide car bombings in Lebanon. The list goes on.

The Commander of the 3/6 is Lieutenant Colonel Dale Alford, who has served as a rifle platoon and company commander of Marines. This tour in Iraq is his sixth combat deployment, with the last being in Afghanistan. His battalion has been instrumental in wresting control of western Iraq from the insurgency.

For LtCol Alford, withdrawal from Iraq is not an option, and would be catastrophic. The calls for withdrawal both encourages the insurgency and has a negative impact on his ability to negotiate with the sheikhs and various tribal leaders, “it empowers the insurgency, they listen to the American media and they listen to our political debates… When I meet with sheikhs, village elders and leaders of the tribes, do they think I am going to follow through with what I promise? They also listen to the American media and wonder who’s going to be around in the long run.”

LtCol Alford has confidence in the ability of the Iraqi Security Forces to maintain control of the security situation in the long run, but emphasizes the importance of well trained infantry and police forces to create a secure environment. Technology such as the Backscatter-Z detection system or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles can only do so much; “they are only tools… this insurgency is going to be won with Marines on the ground and ultimately the Iraqis themselves.”

He has a unique, outside of the box idea to get the Iraqi Army trained up to the proper standards to fight the insurgency on its own. Instead of using the MITT model, where small teams are embedded into Iraqi battalions to provide assistance, he would transplant the staff of a Marine battalion and graft it onto an Iraqi battalion. The staffs would team up, man for man, and act as advisers down to the company level, in the areas where the Iraqi military needs it most: logistics, heavy weapons support and air support. When finished, the embedded staff would leave the equipment behind for the Iraqi Army to carry on the fight.

He believes this would increase the proficiency of the Iraqi Army and reduce the deployment time of large amounts of American troops. This would place the burden of deployment on the professional elements of the Marine Corps, the officers with the rank of Captain and above and the Staff Sergeants and above in the enlisted ranks. A small detachment of officers and NCOs would need to remain home to train the Marines left home, but this would have the effect of accelerating the leadership development of lieutenants, sergeants and corporals. With the combat experience throughout the Corps, this would not be a problem in the short term.

LtCol Alford recognizes there would be much resistance to such a radical change in doctrine. “We need to change the paradigm to win this war” more quickly, says LtCol Alford. “Change will occur at the captain, major and lieutenant colonel level.” Such unorthodox thinking represents the future of 4th Generation Warfare, and the future leaders of our military.

LtCol Alford

LtCol Alford (left), Commander of the 3/6, and
LtCol Starling (right), Operations Officer of RCT-2


I just got off the phone with some people at the AP. Long talk that went better than I had hoped. They are interested in reviewing your site and some other milblos, or so they say.
They may need someone in the editorial process with a military background (big surprise right?) after I conveyed that this was a fairly widespread view from those who criticize them.
I wasn't expecting a positive response from them at all but ( and maybe I was just told what they wanted me to hear) but the problem of taking the word of "insurgents" and printing it before confirming was something they didn't even seem to view as a problem but will now be addressed. Anyway, stay safe Bill and God Bless

Bill,great picture and article of the servicemen you are hanging with.You sounded great last nite on radio.Wished you said hello. LoveD

LTC Alford's idea sounds very agreable and plausible.

Most of all it will provide for direct on the ground monitoring of Iraqi army loyality by trained staff and effective troubleshooting in this critical matter.

Solid info Bill. We are all waiting for your safe return. Al Jazeera is running video of the IED blast that in all probability was the one that killed 10 Marines. It is all over the news back home. This demonstrates the cowardly methods they use. Kill innocents for the most part and run and hide and leave booby traps to get the Marines.

Bill, A very informative and enjoyable article re: teufelhunden, and the3/6 in western iraq. God bless them all and watch over them. bob hemmerle

Great article on great men doing what it takes to get the job done. It shows the true intent of our forces in Iraq. Strong Warriors building a country instead of tearing it down. These are the most honorable of all men.

Bill, glad to be able to help send you there. After reading your reporting, I knew you were the man for the job. I have three family members in Iraq and sorry to hear about the fallen Marines of 3/6 or any of our service men and women. 3/6 was my home for almost three years. I got my sis to viewing your web site and it is a great comfort for her because her son is in northern Iraq and I can not tell you how much she enjoys your reports. Keep up the good work, stay safe, God bless,MERRY CHRISTMAS and

Bill, I am a civilian stationed here @ Al Qa'im. Your info seems dead on. The Marines here are 100% hardcore. It's a good feeling to support such dedicated fighting forces and 3/6 lead the way. Good Luck, KBR Carpenter One