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Operation Steel Curtain

The Coalition task force assigned to clear and hold the western most run of the Euphrates River has had little rest since Operation Steel Curtain began at the beginning of November. The towns of Husaybah, Karabilah, and Ubaydi have been cleared and a permanent Iraqi and U.S. presence has left behind to prevent the return of the foreign fighters and insurgents as well as establish public services for the local residents, in many cases where no services existed.

As the Multinational Forces West press releases clearly states - “Operation Steel Curtain continues” - and the town of Rammanah is now the current focus of this operation. MNF-West describes Rammanah as “a rural, agricultural region with dozens of small villages.” There has been no enemy response to the sweep though the town, and seven al Qaeda terrorists were captured detained after members the local Desert Protector Force provide positive identification.

Western IraqThe parliamentary elections are less than a month away, and Coalition forces are pressing hard on operations along the border. al-Qaeda’s response is predictable, with suicide attacks on two mosques in the Kurdish town of Khanaqin, a town 87 miles northeast of Baghdad, as well as a multiple car bomb attack on a hotel that houses foreign journalists.

As al-Qaeda’s forces are decimated on the Syrian border and along the Euphrates, their need to remain relevant intensifies. But al-Qaeda’s attacks have failed to cause the long desired sectarian Sunni-Shiite-Kurd civil war, derail the political process or halt the elections. Their violence is seen as senseless by many Iraqis, even by many members of the domestic wing of the Iraqi insurgency.


Good luck Bill...Tell the boys we're behind them 100%.
They need to hear this.

Good luck on this new venture.

Hey Bill,

Best wishes and congratulations on your Iraq trip. Gutsy and enterprising. I haven't done it yet, but am certainly bringing it to attention of friend who is
Vietnam vet and award-winning newsman. We salute the Marines, and you too for the initiative. And thanks for the maps.


Arrgh! No RSS Feed on the new blog! ARRGH! THE PAIN THE PAIN!

How about an RSS feed?


Any idea why the uptick in (successful) attacks in the past few days? It certainly seems the insurgents are not yet at the desperation point where they go all out, all the time. Maybe some new supplies have arrived, or maybe it's weather related?

Congrats on your trip!

I'd look to attacks of increasing frequency and severity in the Baghdad area as the insurgents try to regain their relevency, even if its among their own. Remember how quiet it was prior and during the Referendum vote? I do. I believe that they've been gathering resourses for one last show before the Iraqi's vote again.